Management of liquid waste can be hazardous and bad for the environment, as well as bad for your health if not done with care and experience.

With the right gear and processes, Express Waste removes liquid waste in a safe and efficient manner. Disposal of liquid waste is done legally using environmentally friendly methods.

Safe and legal liquid waste services:

  • Grease trap cleaning
    Emptying and scraping the walls of the trap for a thorough clean, deodorise, and report any defects.
  • Septic tank cleaning
    All types of septic tanks cleaned and pumped out. Clear blockages caused by condoms and sanitary products.
  • Waste oil collection
    Removal and disposal of sump oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, and other lubricants.
  • Chemical waste disposal
    Removal and disposal of liquid chemical waste, solvents, inks, dyes, and paints.
  • Hydrocarbon sludges
    Cleaning and removal of hydrocarbon sludges.
  • Holding tank pump outs
    Removal and disposal of a range of liquid wastes from holding tanks.
  • Portable toilet pump outs
    Removal and disposal of waste from all types of portable toilets.
  • Treatment plant pump outs
    Removal and disposal or re-use of treated waste water.
  • Pesticides and oxidisers
    Removal and safe disposal of pesticide wastes and oxidisers.
  • Food processing waste
    Removal and safe disposal of liquid waste from food processing.

Our Trucks

  • Vacuum Trailers
    (also known as Super Suckers)
  • Fast and effective removal
    of various wet and dry waste products
  • Increased capacity
    of vacuum loading tanks
  • Efficient service
    saving on time and labour

Express Waste’s liquid waste management services are flexible, reliable, and tailored to your needs. Our experienced drivers will make sure your liquid waste collection is done quickly and efficiently to reduce any disruption to your operations.