Express Waste offers total waste management solutions, and can take care of all general waste requirements, big or small.

We provide the following waste management services:

General Waste

Do you have general light household or commercial waste? Express Waste’s General Waste bins can handle any size job – big or small!

Recycling Services

Cardboard, paper & co-mingled recycling

Want to have a greener office? Worried about how much paper your business wastes on a daily basis? Cardboard and paper is one of the simplest things your organisation can recycle. Express Waste can help you develop a tailored commercial recycling solution to meet your needs.

With co-mingled recycling solutions, you can keep your cardboard, general waste and other reusable materials in the same bin and still be able to participate in our resource recovery programs.

Commercial & Industrial Waste

Do you have something more difficult that needs to be removed? Talk to us! We are specialists in commercial and industrial waste services. We can be counted on to remove and dispose of all kinds of waste using our specialised bins and equipment, including:

Grease trap

If you’ve got grease you need to get rid of, get in touch with us! No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll collect and dispose of your grease while complying with all local, state and national regulations.

Hazardous waste

We can dispose of all your hazardous waste, including acid waste, caustic waste, contaminated storm water, grease trap waste, oil waste & sludges & trade waste. We comply with the Hazardous Waste (Regulation of Exports and Imports) Act 1989 . 

Construction and demolition waste

No construction or demolition project is too big or too small for Express Waste to offer its expertise.  Our construction and demolitions waste services include hook lift and skip bins to meet your requirements, management plans tailored to your individual site and ongoing evaluation, as well solutions to minimise the waste that goes to landfill. We cater for all types of construction and demolition waste materials and aim to recover, reuse or recycle waste wherever possible.

Non-destructive digging

We supply bins for the transportation of non-destructive digging waste, using our proprietary technology. Our specially designed lidded bins stay onsite and you can continue working – no need for down time.

Secure document destruction

You can trust us to collect and destroy your secure documents. Our team of experts will work with your company to develop protocols and guidelines for destruction, giving you peace of mind every time.

Liquid & sludge transport

Express Waste specialises in the removal of a variety of bulk liquid wastes and sludges. We have specially designed lidded bins specifically for the purpose, or you can get in touch with us to find out how we can provide a solution that suits your individual needs.

Organic waste

We can arrange bins in various sizes to take away your organic waste – think grass clippings, branches, wood, fence palings and so on. We deliver the bin to your door and arrange to collect it again, ensuring wherever possible the waste is sent to be turned into products such as mulch.