Locally Owned, Customer Focused Commercial Waste Services

Express Waste is a local family-owned business that is committed to customer support and satisfaction. We began operating in 1990 providing the Greater Sydney area with high quality, personalised commercial waste solutions.

We have continued to grow strongly year on year, and 25 years later, Express Waste is a leader in innovation and total resource management solutions, servicing the Greater Sydney area, Illawarra and Central Coast of NSW.

We help you achieve much higher landfill diversion rates with general waste. As such, Express Waste have earned a reputation for service excellence in the waste industry.

From your very first contact our waste management team, Express Waste will provide a professional, courteous and conscientious service to improve the overall efficiency, cost effectiveness and management of recoverable resources.

Improved Efficiency and Resource Recovery

We are committed to delivering our clients total resource management solutions that enable them to manage all their waste streams and obtain the economic and environmental benefits that come from a source separated waste management system.

We are innovative, and are always thinking of better ways to help our clients to manage and improve their resource recovery. We also provide tailor made waste management solutions for reducing contamination.

Our services begin with the site establishment phase, where Express Waste personnel work with the local facility manager to develop procedures for collection and bin presentation. This includes briefing the facility manager on the acceptance criteria for each waste stream being managed and having the right equipment and sufficient materials to disseminate for end users to achieve high quality waste streams that will be capable of acceptance by the processor.


We continually work with bin designers to improve the functionality of hook lift bins. One innovation is the inclusion of a lidded bin allowing efficiencies in tipping. This versatile application can also be used on site and in transport for non-destructive digging and contaminated products.

We specialise in bulk transport across metropolitan and regional NSW.

Express Waste undertakes regular testing of our weighing equipment in accordance with our quality systems.

Express Waste has a 24/7/365 emergency service available to support the needs of our clients.